About First Dog

What happens when the President's dog runs away with an eleven-year-old boy?

There are many perks to being a Corgi, but even more to being First Dog of the United States. But, those are of little importance to Clay. Sure, he’s occasionally treated to leftover spring chicken in the State Dining Room. He has his very own faux fur bed in the West Wing pantry. And what dog wouldn’t enjoy daily belly rubs from visiting kings and prime ministers? Still, Clay’s one and only desire has always been to win the approval of President Eugene A. Rivers, the man he belongs to and the only person he’s ever truly loved.

Yet all that changes the day he meets Dillon Lambert.

Eleven-year-old Dillon only has one wish: to find a family of his own instead of bouncing around from foster house to foster house. It doesn’t help that he’s spent time in juvie for hacking the evening news and turning every television in Poolesville, Maryland to South Park. And when he finds out the new plan is to ship him off to a home in Alaska—Do they even have the internet up there?the last thing on his mind is a silly White House tour the school has arranged.

Only, some things happen for a reason.

All it takes is one glance at the First Dog in the West Wing Lobby for Dillon to know he’s found a new friend. And all it takes is one sniff of Dillon for Clay to know how much the boy has been through. In one swift beat of his Corgi heart, Clay’s sole mission in life changes from trying to win the affection of the man who doesn’t require him, to staying with the boy who needs him most.

So, Clay runs away.

Soon, every Secret Service agent, television station, and citizen across the country is trying to find the First Dog and bring him back to the White House. Clay is determined not to let that happen, and Dillon will do everything it takes to keep the Corgi he’s come to love at his side.

What Clay and Dillon are about to discover is that everything happens for a reason, whether you’re a world-renowned puppy in search of approval, or a desperate boy in search of a home to call your own.

About the Author

After teaching fifth and sixth graders for over twelve years, Travis Pennington turned his attention to writing, completing FIRST DOG and helping others market their books. He launched a media company that has assisted both independent and New York Times bestselling authors with branding their work through cover design, website creation and optimization, and trailers.

By day, he works at The Knight Agency, providing content and layout support for the agency website and newsletter, designing advertorials, and aiding in the management of the agency’s social media venues.

He’s represented by Deidre Knight.

Some Fun Facts

  • George Washington named his dogs Drunkard, Taster, Tipsy, Tipler and Sweetlips after his buddies at the old Chesapeake Baths.


  • Thomas Jefferson was the first president to require dogs be licensed.


  • Theodore Roosevelt had a Bull Terrier named Pete who almost caused an international scandal when he ripped the pants off the French Ambassador, Jules Jusserand.


  • Ronald Reagan had a dog named Blind.


  • President Obama’s dog Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog, was given to him by the late Senator Edward Kennedy.